Dr. Bob Deutsch – Design, Serendipity, and Our Journey Home – Part 4 on The BuzzBubble

April 3, 2013

The BuzzBubble returns this week with the final installment of our interview with Dr. Bob Deutsch of www.brain-sells.com. We wrap things up with a conversation on the role of an agency in product change and development, spurring insights on the true meaning of design as a much more expansive concept than that to which we traditionally limit it, starting from the very formation of an idea. Dr. Bob comments on the industry's tendency to overcomplicate matters, when the only truly meaningful promise a brand can make is to help an individual become more of themselves, to use the brand and the product as a vessel through which to explore themselves in what he defines with a yellow brick road philosophy. He shares the story of the long path that led him to advertising, one paved with serendipity, and how his background enabled him to touch upon so many areas along his route. Finally, Dr. Bob shares with us the details of his upcoming book, You Tools, which speaks to our minds and how they are already equipped with what we need to explore our true nature, to expand and build upon it in both professional and personal ways. Our discussion is concluded and brought together with one truth: every one of us is on a journey throughout our lives, in our nature, and to be truly meaningful, anything with which we interact must play a role in that journey.


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