E4 Pt 7 George Lois’s New MoMA Esquire Cover Book, the Buzz-Round and more on The Buzzbubble

March 16, 2010

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George and Kevin discuss George's  book signing for his new book The Esquire Covers at MoMA, the Ali Rap Book and stories about George and Mohammad Ali. Also,  Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, his question for Jeff Goodby, George's mentors, another book, George Lois and the Creation of the Big Idea, also Hal Riney in Art & Copy,"where does the Big Idea come from?".   How the big idea develops.  Mick Jagger & I want my MTV, The Buzz Round, and some surprising answers!  George weighs in on: Mac or Pc, Volkswagen or Mini Cooper, and see why he hasn't been in a good fist fight in at least 4 years. A good Bugs Bunny impression. Finally, from Ali to Pinocchio and George sings a little Opera to close the show.

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george kiss crop

March 10th, 2010 - Plaza Hotel: George gets frisky at the book signing.


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