Nick Law of R/GA Part 3 on the buzzbubble – Mobile Advertising, The New Nike Plus & much more

March 7, 2011

This week we discuss what Nick means when he says "Mobile is everything..." and why understanding the "contextual moment" in advertising is more important than ever.

We discuss how keeping Nike plus "fresh" is in many cases far more challenging and rewarding than creating another TV spot about hamburgers built on the same brief as last year.

We hit the pros and cons of building custom platforms or augmenting the existing platforms (facebook etc.), who already has the attention of millions and are already integrated into lifestyle routines?

We cover R/GA working with the Ad Council on the "Thats Not Cool" campaign, reaching teens in the digital space, and using the model of "let's Figure out the desired change of behavior and THEN we will figure out what to say", not the other way around.

Finally we try to answer the question of why so many brands and agencies are still missing out on the integration of advertising's many silos.

Tune in now!


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