Nick Law Pt 2 – CCO of R/GA on the Buzz Bubble – Digital vs Traditional Agencies

February 25, 2011

In Part 2 we discuss the real deal on digital agencies going full service and traditional growing digital.

Then we quiz you on 7 hot topics:

  1. True or False - Story telling = messaging & systematic design = behaviors?
  2. True or False - Apple is the model for great platforms fueled by great functional demonstrative campaigns?
  3. True or False -  Story telling is emotional & systematic design is rational?
  4. True or False - Advertising has disappeared too far up its own ass?
  5. True or False - Interface design is important for agencies today?
  6. True or False - We think people care about watching what we make as much as we care about making it?
  7. True or False - Google's "a parisian love story" commercial is excellent emotional design?

Find the answers to these burning questions & much more on this week's buzzbubble! ----->  Watch now!


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