Perry Fair Digital Exec. Creative Director From Grey Advertising Joins the BuzzBubble Pt.1

December 15, 2010

We head on over to "re-heating up" Grey Advertising in New York City to spend some time with one of the leading digitally integrated  minds in advertising, Perry Fair. We setup in a collaboration room next to Perry's bullpen, and got down to chatting, because Perry sits at a large table among media, creatives, and production people. He says, the ideas are all around the table, and we hear things swirling around us from all the different people and ideas grow better this way.

We have to thank former guest Rob Schwartz from Chiat Day LA for connecting The BuzzBubble with Perry Fair. Rob incidentally stops by in part 1 "via satellite", and it's a moment not to be missed.

Perry has worked on some of the greatest digital integrated work you will see, and created by far one of the most successful and integrated car launches, the Nissan Cube - "Mobile-Device". His name on some of the hottest work today for brands like Direct TV, NFL, Coke, Hess, and much more. Perry also proudly represents the very underrepresented diversity in advertising, is a judge of the One Show, and on the board of the prestigious Creative Circus.

Tune in and check it out, right now!


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