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Kevin Kelly founded and acted as Co-President of BigBuzz Marketing Group, which was listed as one of the top ten digital advertising agencies in New York City. Kevin was the driving force behind the growth and vision of BigBuzz.

Well-founded in website creation, database architecture, and web applications design, Kevin created Bigbuzz 20 years ago as an Internet solutions company. Being charged with growth, he realized that the future of the communications industry has changed. To answer the challenge, he has changed the face of Bigbuzz and created a nationally-known full service digital advertising agency. Kevin went on to sell BigBuzz to AudienceX in 2021. AudienceX is the largest private trade-desk in the US and specializes in programmatic advertising. As Managing Director of Client Development, Kevin continues his mission of growth by expanding the roster of clients for AudienceX.

Impassioned by continuous improvement, Kevin is a multi-curriculum alumnus of the prestigious Disney Institute, where he honed his skills in leadership excellence, as well as the Disney approach to customer service.
Kevin graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music and has worked with major recording artists such as Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, and Madonna, adding his name to many top ten singles and platinum records as a producer and a drummer.

Kevin donates a significant portion of his time to charity under an umbrella of efforts known as BuzzLove, working with organizations such as Jack Martin Fund, American Cancer Society, and Fight For Charity. In his free time, Kevin loves spending time with his wife, three children, and his dog Roxie. He is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, Sheryl Crow, and “living green.”

Mr. Kelly continues to push the limits of innovation in the digital advertising industry, and seeks out the best creative minds on the planet to interview. Stay tuned and see what’s next.