E05 Pt 4 Jeff Goodby discusses notable GSP work and the Buzz-round on The Buzzbubble in HD

April 25, 2010

Kevin and Jeff discuss notable GS&P work like, Wario Shake It, Haagen-Daz Honey Honey Bees.  Jeff loves the digital work, but is feeling like they need get back to making the best print ads and TV spots, (they are still making awesome TV and Print by the way).

Jeff says he and Rich are always just striving to make great work.

Jeff talks about his favorite Blogs and Podcasts, Ira GLass's this american life on NPR radio.

We get into the "Buzz-Round" - where Jeff reveals everything from favorite books, music, and top compound curse word. We wrap up with something about he and Rich Silverstein that most people don't know. Tune in now.


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