George Lois Damn Good Advice – On Caution and Mediocrity – Part 4 on The BuzzBubble

October 23, 2012

On Part 4 of our interview with advertising legend George Lois, our theme is the perils of mediocrity. George talks about modern creatives falling into the trap of being "careful", only producing work that can be tested and pass - keeping them short of achieving truly innovative ideas. He talks about the fallacy in assuming nobody will "get" a creative idea, and avoiding risks which could be what ultimately makes a campaign effective and iconic. He shares his brutally honest opinions on social media as a platform for mediocrity, citing the thoughtlessness of most users' content. Finally, he illuminates how he came into writing, talking about a problematic book that encouraged creatives to be careful rather than inventive, and how his book redeemed the publisher responsible.


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