Pt 3 Mike Hughes President of The Martin Agency On The BuzzBubble

August 30, 2010

Host Kevin Kelly digs further into the brain of te great  Mike Hughes asking about being an ad agency in Richmond, and working with Walmart and why they won that account, and why they took it once they won it.

We find some grey matter indicating Mike Hughes the anti-Don Draper?

Mike talks fondly about his start in the advertising business way back in the Time of "virginia is for Lovers" and advice for smaller agencies looking to grow. He gives this advice out cautiously while telling a great story about Alex Bogusky stopping by Martin a dozen years ago, and Mike is responsible for CP-B's rise to success (tongue planted in firmly cheek).

Mike explains how being a great agency for Martin Agency is remembering its all about the work (actually that's 2nd) and all about the group of people they bring together (1st).

We close part 3 with a great story about a Miller Beer campaign and some newbies who got their shot and took care of business. (Tune in next week for part 4)


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