Rich Silverstein Part 4 – Planning in Advertising… where does it belong?

May 8, 2011

Rich and Kevin start chatting it up about, believe it or not, "Traditional Advertising" and cover some of Rich's latest, and quite greatest, innovative photography & upcoming print work. He's a designer every day, he says, and you can't take the designer out of the boy...

Then they migrate to "Planning" .. where does it belong in the process?
Somehow this leads them into "Email tone"... How do you translate, and the dreaded ALL CAPS email!

They move into the "How'd Rich get his start" conversation... from chiseling wood in NY to coining the modern advertising vernacular in San Fran, and the early days of working for Hal Riney on Billy Ball... and let's be clear, Jeff was always his favorite. Tune in and hear about the "Devil and the Angel" this week on the buzzbubble.


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