Alex Bogusky Pt 4 on The BuzzBubble – The Consumer Advocate Voice Appears

November 1, 2010

With all this discussion of Alex Bogusky being the new consumer advocate, the Ralph Nader of 2010, this episode is timed well. We discuss Alex's value shifts, and how there is no place for blame in systems.

How do we really  make change in a system? We look at Good Guide and how to really vote with your dollar by spending with companies that fit your values. The proliferation of Peer to Peer Media and how these unsponsored media outlets move power into a democratic consumer system. Lastly in this part we discuss how greenwashing is a great thing? YES!

We have some audio challenges in part 4, but all is here and in part 5 we are back to full quality. Thanks for watching, listening and podding.


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