Dr. Bob Deutsch – Ideas, Attachment, Me as Brand – Part 3 on The BuzzBubble

January 8, 2013

In this third installment of our interview with Dr. Bob Deutsch, founder of www.brain-sells.com, there's one big topic to cover: Ideas. Dr. Bob talks about not only what makes a big idea, but also about the entire concept of what an idea is and how it is formed. In talking about the "new rules" versus the "old rules" of presenting an idea in advertising, Dr. Bob looks beyond the background of the advertising industry to the human process of attachment. He stresses the importance of this concept in all aspects of life, and talks about how it determines what small percentage of advertising breaks through to make culture. We talk about the modern world, the way people view it, the way they form attachments with brands they see as being "me", and what it takes for a good idea to endure through.


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