Jimmy Smith – Experimental Integrated Advertising – Part 1 on The BuzzBubble

October 7, 2013

On our Lost Episode from season3 of The BuzzBubble, Kevin sits down with Jimmy Smith, CEO of Amusement Park Entertainment. We enjoy an incredible conversation touching on some of the remarkable and experimental creative he has been involved with over the course of his career. We touch on some of his memorable long format work for Snickers and Motorola, and move into a remarkably detailed look behind the Mission G platform developed for Gatorade. As he explains the entire G campaign and platform, how it was formulated, and gives a fantastic behind-the-scenes look into how it was all brought together, we are given a rare full look at the experience of bringing such a massive scale branding from concept to execution. The development of Mission G as an entire online sports entertainment network and its production of original content brings us to the interesting topic of advertising as entertainment, and how far back the history goes of advertising crossing over into the entertainment industry. From Space Jam and Little Giants to Pop-Eye and soap operas, Jimmy shares his perspective on the long and strong connection between advertising and entertainment, the unique position advertising professionals are in to understand how entertainment is best approached, and the importance of credit and ownership for creative as it grows. It's an incredible episode that gives us a deep insight into how concept becomes reality, how it develops and grows, and how advertising can and always has broken out of its perceived limitations.


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