E03 Pt1 Rob Schwartz Chief Creative Officer of Chiat Day on The BuzzBubble

December 10, 2009

Kevin travels to LA to visit the Legendary Chiat Day, the land of Lee Clow.
This week we pick the great mind of Rob Schwartz - Chief Creative Officer of Chiat Day.
We discuss: Chiat Day's approach to social media, The Pepsi SMM Case Study with Rock-band and MTV Awards, twitter, tweeting information vs "me-formation", how twitter makes you smarter, the relationship between media and creatives, now everything is media, how brands themselves are media, Chiat Day's "Media Arts", transactional media approach, how account people today are like producers, the role of the big idea today, and micro ideas.


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  1. Jonathan Smith

    December 13, 2009 at 1:17 am

    Insightful part 1. Any possibility that, in part 2, Rob could elaborate on the exhuberance aspect of the idea? Apple, Pepsi, Pedigree, Visa … all successfully bottle exhuberance in their own way. Is that the entire strategy from the get-go? I tell you why I ask, most clients have default settings relating to results. Ultimately it’s how they are evaluated so it makes sense that we are judged accordingly. Results and forecasting results are not subjective arts at all. It is all black and white and bottom line. Added to which, if you’ve noticed, our opinionated friends in research have steered clear of any real insight on social media. Not even they can take money on forecasting. No opinions of value means we’re left alone to answer that old loaded question, “will it work?” And, where does exhurberance seat itself in this damp, grey cubicle of the left brain?

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