E03 Pt4 The BuzzBubble: Rob Schwartz, the Clow-Ometer, and an insiders Tour of Chiat Day

January 3, 2010

Rob takes us through the Clow-o-meter, Lee Clow's Meter on making breakthrough advertising. We review the ad that got Rob out of NYC and into advertising. We get to know whats on Rob's ipod and then he asks George Lois (our next guest) a few questions about advertising and greek restaurants. Finally we get the first class buzzbubble person tour through Chiat Day, including: Main Street, The Current "Banner": We must do the things we think can not do. A tour of Lee CLow's office and Lee's inspiration wall. Lee was an early adopter of Obama. Central park, Surf Bar Board Room (actual surf boards), Oz, The Basket Ball Court, Funny Stairs (Kevin was not actually drunk), a view of media and Omnicom (OMD) in house on the Chiat day floor, focus group rooms, Kitchen w Jay Chiat's abstract portrait (very cool), 2nd floor overlooking Gatorade & Visa teams, and then Rob sends me to HR to fill out an application. And Lee Clow gets the last word...


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