Perry Fair Part 5: Adversity & the lack of cultural diversity in advertising, the buzzround and more

January 30, 2011

This week we talk with Perry about cultivating diversity in the young talent coming into the agency business.

We discuss the great work Julius Dunn & the ONE CLUB did through Adversity, Tiffany Warren's fantastic work with ADCOLOR, and Perry and Julius' time together at Creative Circus. We plowed ahead to the buzzround where we get to know Perry the family man, find out what's on his ipod1, favorite blogs2 and his then discuss Perry's upcoming full-length feature-film, then we wrap with a little "Cheap Fast and Out of Control" (Compliments of CCO Tor Myhren).  Tune in now!

1) As always some nice loud guitar rock'n'roll (which Perry favors) buzzbubble backing track ala fuzzbubble (w big ending).
2) Reference - Perry's Favorite Blogs:


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