Episode 1 Pt 1- An Interview with Alex Bogusky of CP+B on The Buzzbubble

August 30, 2009

Part 1 of 2audio-icon Part 1 Bogusky: Download Audio - Video Available on You Tube and via podcast upon request.

We discuss: Alex on Twitter, Tweeting retail for Old Navy, The CP+B Beta site - a streaming social media public dashboard, getting consumers involved in the brand conversations, and glueing together Social Media.

audio-icon Part 2 Bogusky: Download Audio - Video Available Soon

We discuss: Gaming as media and journalism, working with Burger King and creating innovative advertising, not "selling" work, working tensions around a brand, getting to the 20% insights, research, planning and the CP+B Cognitive Anthropologists "The Cogs".

audio-icon Part 3 Bogusky: Download Audio - Video Available Soon

We discuss: The Crispin Porter + Bogusky Culture, being a 12 year old in advertising, how CP+B went from 20 people to 950, and developing The Truth Campaign.

audio-icon Part 4 Bogusky: Download Audio - Video Available Soon

We discuss: The Mini Cooper brand and creating an icon, why CP+B went back to pitching, being in the spotlight - the agency and Alex, racing dirt bikes, Alex asks our next guest (RGA's Barry Wacksman) a question, and the Buzz Round where we ask our guest to choose "this or that": Chocolate or vanilla, Mac or PC, BK or McDonalds and more. You might be surprised with some of Alex's answers.

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Host - Kevin Kelly - President of BigBuzz Communications

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