Alex Bogusky’s Keynote at Social Media Week New York CIty Part 3 on TheBuzzBubble – Solving Social Problems with Capitalism and Community

May 16, 2012

In this final installment, Alex Bogusky wraps up his keynote speech from Social Media Week, expanding on the concepts of social entrepreneurship, community, and their relation to social media. He tells us a bit about the COMMON Pitch in Brooklyn, sharing a few of his favorite proposals to explain how they use the new, evolving concepts in capitalism to approach social problems and propose solutions. He talks about how the new generation of young entrepreneurs and professionals approach their careers, noting the value they place in staying true to their ideals. He shares his belief of the direction in which the world is going, how our needs as a society are changing, and how this new generation will help us adapt to meet those changing needs.


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