George Lois Damn Good Advice – On Courage in Creative – Part 1 on The BuzzBubble

September 18, 2012

This week, we sit down with the legendary George Lois, father of the Creative Revolution and real-life original Mad Man. His new book, "Damn Good Advice (for people with talent)", has hit the shelves, and George joins us to not only talk about the book, but to share some of his personal experiences and insights. He dives right in with a story from his time in the army after being drafted in 1951 about a face-off with a superior officer, and explains how the same story caused a bit of a stir when he included it in a talk he was giving at Pratt. From these experiences, George talks about his feelings on the importance of having courage, and how no amount of talent, passion, or knowledge can make up for a lack of courage in creative. As he continues, he breaks down what he sees as the four basic types of people in the world, and how they work - or don't. Where we leave off, we're really only getting started - you won't want to miss any of our conversation with the engaging and immensely talented - and courageous - George Lois.


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