George Lois Damn Good Advice – Social, Personal, and Creative Integrity – Part 3 on The BuzzBubble

October 2, 2012

Join us for the third installment of our interview with George Lois, legend of the creative revolution. As we continue our conversation, George stresses the importance of integrity. He shares personal stories of his experiences firing two lucrative accounts based on conflicts of principle and morality, exemplifying that standing up for what you know to be right, and working with people who respect that, is more important than keeping an account. From social integrity, he moves into personal integrity, of bucking trends, moving against the currents, and retaining an identity that stands out. He also talks about "group grope", his view on too many people being involved in a creative process, and the creative integrity best obtained by smaller teams - even just one or two people - formulating ideas and working together in a more focused process. He also touches on integrity in advertising, having enough respect to recognize that consumers realize when they're being sold to, and the integrity inherent in being straightforward and honest about what your ad is there to do.


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