George Lois Damn Good Advice – Unified Visual and Verbal Messaging – Part 2 on The BuzzBubble

September 25, 2012

As we continue with the second part of our interview with the Legendary George Lois, George tells us about the importance of words. On a level much deeper than simply laying copy out properly, he talks about the driving shift behind the creative revolution: art directors and copywriters working together to bring forth a concept that truly marries its visual and verbal messaging harmoniously. Recalling his first day working at Doyle Dane Bernbach, the first true Creative Agency, he talks about how vital it is to able to think in words, rather than just visually - which is still a concept foreign to many young creatives finding their career footing. He also stresses the importance of working with the right people and clients in order to create great work that is truly allowed to convey its unified message.


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