Tony Hsieh Interview – Social Media, Community Integration – Part 3 on The BuzzBubble

July 18, 2012

As we jump right into the third and final part of our interview with Tony Hsieh, CEO of and author of "Delivering Happiness", we pick up with his views on social media marketing. He shares his thoughts by citing an imbalance of focus and a necessity to master basic customer service and communication skills that should be applied equally across all channels. We talk about how this reiterates the driving motive to focus on a great service experience rather than on traditional outbound marketing. We get to know Tony a little better, learning about the most significant influences on him growing up, and the importance he places on branching out and learning to see life from a multitude of perspectives. As we start to wrap up, Tony tells us about the campus in progress, and how rather than building an insular "dream campus", they have opted to openly integrated into their surroundings, joining the Downtown Vegas Revitalization Project, an effort to revive the entire downtown area of Las Vegas.


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